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Recent Reports & Accounts

Company Name Date Published Balance Sheet
CTX RESEARCH LIMITED 2019-01-19 C T X Research Limited - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £172,419
Cash: £253,397
PRICE & PETTY CATERING LIMITED 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - PRICE & PETTY CATERING LIMITED Net assets: £12,164
MICHIELAN LIMITED 2019-01-19 MICHIELAN LIMITED - Period Ending 31/05/2018 Net assets: £14,056
Cash: £23,694
NOSH PETFOOD LTD 2019-01-19 Dormant Company Accounts - NOSH PETFOOD LTD Net assets: £1
ANOTHER HEMISPHERE LTD 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - ANOTHER HEMISPHERE LTD Net assets: £6,995
GORIBAR LIMITED 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - GORIBAR LIMITED Net assets: £9,939
BOXED OFF COMMUNICATIONS LTD 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - BOXED OFF COMMUNICATIONS LTD Net assets: £27,382
NK REVENUE SOLUTIONS LIMITED 2019-01-19 NK Revenue Solutions Limited - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £19,568
JACOBY ASSOCIATES (UK) LIMITED 2019-01-19 Jacoby Associates (UK) Limited Filleted accounts for Companies House (small and micro) Net assets: £1
ROCHE PROPERTY LIMITED 2019-01-19 Roche Property Limited - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £21,860
Cash: £7,103
UNITED MINING CORPORATION LIMITED 2019-01-19 United Mining Corporation Limited - Filleted accounts Net assets: £1,027,545
NIGER MEDIC LIMITED 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - NIGER MEDIC LIMITED Net assets: £162
MSW CONSULTING LIMITED 2019-01-19 MSW Consulting Limited - Period Ending 2018-08-31 Net assets: £129,918
Cash: £181,905
JRC FACILITIES LTD 2019-01-19 JRC Facilities Ltd - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £355,328
REDWAY LIMITED 2019-01-19 Redway Limited,Ltd - AccountsLtd - Accounts Net assets: £2,767
Cash: £54
PENKNIFE LIMITED 2019-01-19 Accounts filed on 31-08-2018 Net assets: £56,726
HAIGH PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS LTD 2019-01-19 Haigh Procurement Solutions Ltd - Period Ending 2018-12-31 Net assets: £70,307
Cash: £87,925
QASIM BHARMAL LTD 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - QASIM BHARMAL LTD Net assets: £1,502
CARBON GROUP LIMITED 2019-01-19 Carbon Group Limited - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £4,652,308
Cash: £3,597,154
FORBIDDEN PALACE LTD 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - FORBIDDEN PALACE LTD Net assets: £2,210
FORMARTINE PARTNERSHIP LTD. 2019-01-19 Formartine Partnership Limited - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £54,196
Cash: £57,822
KINGSTON NOBLE CAREER CONSULTANCY LIMITED 2019-01-19 Kingston Noble Career Consultancy Limited - Period Ending 2018-05-31 Net assets: £322
Cash: £19,250
FIVE MATTOCK LIMITED 2019-01-19 Dormant Company Accounts - FIVE MATTOCK LIMITED Net assets: £4
ASCENDANT TRADING CO., LIMITED 2019-01-19 Dormant Company Accounts - ASCENDANT TRADING CO., LIMITED Net assets: £10,000
CYBER SHARK GROUP LTD 2019-01-19 Cyber Shark Group Ltd - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £5,344
TRADE HOUSE CARS LTD 2019-01-19 Trade House Cars Limited - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.2 Net assets: £5,297
Cash: £10,407
RBX CONSULT LTD 2019-01-19 RBX Consult Ltd - Accounts to registrar (filleted) - small 18.1 Net assets: £99,740
SANDROD LIMITED 2019-01-19 Micro-entity Accounts - SANDROD LIMITED Net assets: £130,499

Recently Added Company Officers

Name Occupation Address No of Appointments
MS XIAO LIU Certified Chartered Accountant London, England 1
MR ULF ANDERS GABRIEL HENRIKSON Company Director London, England 1
MR ANDREW BENNETT Company Director London, England 1
MR MATTHEW CLEAVER Deputy Chief Executive Basingstoke, England 1
MRS JOANNE HELEN GOODMAN Company Director Basingstoke, England 1
MR ANDREW HALL Project Manager Wilmslow, England 1
MR DOMINIC SHELLY None Newcastle Upon Tyne 3
MR RICHARD EAST Company Director Evesham, England 1
MR ALAN KENNETH DELVES Joiner Milton Keynes, England 1
MR CHRISTOPHER MARK SEYMOUR Carpenter Aylesbury, England 1
MR ANDREW MELLER BRADFORD Director Aylesbury, England 1
MR GRAEME PHILIP COOKE Director Of Growth And Homes Barking 2
MR BARRY WILLIAM FLETCHER Managing Director Bolton 1
MR PARTAP SINGH Director Paisley, Scotland 1
MR ARAM HAMAALI Director London, England 4
MS VICTORIA PATRICIA LONGMAN Specialist Nurse Practioner Maldon, England 1
MR NEIL EDWARD POLLOCK Insurance Broker Maldon, England 1
MR JEAN CHARL CRAVEN Director Sevenoaks, United Kingdom 2
MR PRIEUR JEAN DU PLESSIS Director Sevenoaks, United Kingdom 2
MR ANDREW ANDERSON Developer Johnstone, Scotland 2
MS NYIMA RUBERY Company Director Margate 50
EDWARD FOSTER Director London, United Kingdom 1
MISS OLIVE MCDERMOTT Retired Social Worker Bangor, Northern Ireland 1
MRS ZIQIAN LI International Business Manager Guildford, United Kingdom 1
MR LUKE WILLIAM CAMERON-MCINTOSH Accounts Manager Carlisle, United Kingdom 3
MS MARA LANKA Director London, England 1
MRS RALUCA IOANA BOROSOI Interior Designer London, United Kingdom 3
MR RICHARD ARTHUR BAYLISS Commercial Director Slough, United Kingdom 1
DR HANNAH SKODA Fellow, Tutor In History And Associate Professor Oxford, United Kingdom 1
MRS EVA MARIA REINHARDT Company Director Oxford, United Kingdom 1