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Recent Reports & Accounts

Company Name Date of Report Date Published
IMPACT PLUMBING AND HEATING LTD 30-04-2016 2016-07-27 Impact Plumbing & Heating Ltd
R&J LEGAL LIMITED 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Dormant Company Accounts - R&J LEGAL LIMITED
PEARL ESCAPES LIMITED 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Dormant Company Accounts - PEARL ESCAPES LIMITED
26 CORNWALLIS GARDENS RTM CO LTD 31-12-2015 2016-07-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - 26 CORNWALLIS GARDENS RTM CO LTD
ENCHMARSH HAULAGE LTD 31-03-2016 2016-07-27 Enchmarsh Haulage Ltd Accounts
J A RESEARCH LIMITED 29-02-2016 2016-07-27 J A Research Ltd
ST. GEORGE'S COURT COMPANY LIMITED 31-03-2016 2016-07-27 St. George's Court Company Limited - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
GREENFLEETS FINANCE LIMITED 30-09-2015 2016-07-27 Greenfleets Finance Limited - Abbreviated accounts
THE HAPPY MEDIUM LTD 30-11-2015 2016-07-27 Dormant Company Accounts - THE HAPPY MEDIUM LTD
KONCEPTA LTD. 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Accounts Submission
ROWELL CHARTER LTD 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Rowell Charter Ltd Accounts
ONCOLOGIC LTD. 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Dormant Company Accounts - ONCOLOGIC LTD.
4 COLOUR LEARNING LTD 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Accounts Submission
BUTTERFLY KALEIDOSCOPE LIMITED 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Butterfly Kaleidoscope Limited - Dormant company accounts 16.1
DOVER MANAGEMENT (UK) LIMITED 30-04-2016 2016-07-27 Micro-entity Accounts - DOVER MANAGEMENT (UK) LIMITED
XPRESS INSTALLATIONS LTD 30-11-2015 2016-07-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - XPRESS INSTALLATIONS LTD
R.G. & M.F. SADLER (ELECTRICAL) LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-07-27 RG_&_MF_SADLER_(ELECTRICA - Accounts
KEIK LIMITED 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 KEIK LIMITED - Abbreviated accounts
GOLDEN RIVER (TUDOR) LTD 31-03-2016 2016-07-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - GOLDEN RIVER (TUDOR) LTD
AMA TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD 31-05-2016 2016-07-27 AMA Technical Services Ltd - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
MACHH LTD 28-02-2016 2016-07-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - MACHH LTD
JVLPW SERVICES LIMITED 31-01-2016 2016-07-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - JVLPW SERVICES LIMITED
PL LOCUM LTD 28-02-2016 2016-07-27 PL Locum Ltd - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
INVERCLYDE LOCAL LTD. 30-11-2015 2016-07-27 Inverclyde Local Ltd. - Dormant company accounts 16.1
STORM DENTS LIMITED 31-03-2016 2016-07-27 Storm Dents Limited
CAFFE SIRENA LIMITED 31-10-2015 2016-07-27 Caffe Sirena Limited - Abbreviated accounts
SARADAN DESIGN & MANAGEMENT LTD 31-03-2016 2016-07-27 Saradan Design and Management Ltd - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
PPL INVESTMENTS LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-07-27 Dormant Company Accounts - PPL INVESTMENTS LIMITED

Recently Added Company Officers

Name Occupation Address No of Appointments
MR PATRICK JULIAN BRADSHAW Company Director London, England 3
MR RUPERT PEREGRINE MOY Landscape Gardener Hertford, United Kingdom 2
LARRELL ANDREW STENNETT Financial Trader Hertford, United Kingdom 1
MRS ANSHITA DHAWAN Project Manager Chigwell, United Kingdom 1
MRS BETTINA POMERANCE Company Director Chigwell, United Kingdom 1
MR GERALD SCHNEIDER Investment Banker (Retired) Chigwell, United Kingdom 1
MR RUSSELL CARLETON TAYLOR Operations Director Kendal, United Kingdom 1
MRS PANNA DOSHI Accountant Luton, United Kingdom 2
MR MARCUS ELLIOTT BROWN Business Development Director London, United Kingdom 1
MR ADRIAN JAMES COVILLE Teacher London, United Kingdom 1
MR MATHIEU HOEBERIGS Consultant International/European Affairs Kapellen, Belgium 1
MRS HELEN ANDREA BROOKS Management Consultant London, United Kingdom 1
MRS GIULIA MARSAN Historian London, United Kingdom 1
MR GILES SMITH Property Leicester, United Kingdom 1
MR JAMES SMITH Property Leicester, United Kingdom 1
MR DAMIAN RUSZCZYNSKI Joiner Hull, England 1
MR GUOJIN CHEN Merchant Purley, London, United Kingdom 1
MR KEITH ANDERSON Director Glasgow, United Kingdom 1
MICHAEL BAXTER None Maidstone, United Kingdom 2
MR ANDREW JOHN HILL None Maidstone, United Kingdom 1
MRS LYNDA JOY BYWATER Designer Newbury, United Kingdom 1
CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR Painter And Decorator St Albans, England 8
MR NADER SHAW MORADI Business Person London, England 1
MR FARZAD AGHAJAN MOLAEI Business Person London, United Kingdom 1
ROBERT KASZAS Dental Surgeon London, England 1
JOHN MCNALLY Building Contractor Ormskirk, England 1
PANAGIOTA LIVADA Teacher London, England 1
EDWARD JOHN LOVATT Analyst London, England 1
MR MOHAMMED JAMEEL Director Sale, United Kingdom 2
MS SARAH HOSKINS Director Okehampton, United Kingdom 1