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Recent Reports & Accounts

Company Name Date of Report Date Published
B J F INSURANCE BROKERS LTD 31-07-2016 2016-08-27 xbrl
COZY CORP LIMITED 30-04-2016 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - COZY CORP LIMITED
MIA SOLUTIONS LTD 30-04-2016 2016-08-27 MIA Solutions Ltd - Accounts
M & M BUILDING AND DECORATING LTD 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 M & M Building and Decorating Ltd - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
WHITESMILES PROMOTIONS LTD 31-03-2016 2016-08-27 Dormant Company Accounts - WHITESMILES PROMOTIONS LTD
CARLTON ST MARTINS LTD 31-10-2015 2016-08-27 Carlton St Martins Ltd - Period Ending 2015-10-31
PERAFS LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - PERAFS LIMITED
DELTA SIERRA RAIL LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - DELTA SIERRA RAIL LIMITED
BOYDENS LIMITED 30-06-2016 2016-08-27 Boydens Limited - Accounts to registrar - small 16.1.1
PTL CONTINENTAL LTD 31-12-2015 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - PTL CONTINENTAL LTD
PAUL MANFREDI LIMITED 31-12-2015 2016-08-27 Accounts filed on 31-12-2015
JACKSON ACCOUNTANTS LTD 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - JACKSON ACCOUNTANTS LTD
ASTON ROSE LAW GROUP LTD. 31-12-2015 2016-08-27 Aston Rose Law Group Ltd. - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
SPOON CONSULTING LTD 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 SPOON_CONSULTING_LTD - Accounts
AARDVARKER.COM LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - AARDVARKER.COM LIMITED
VESTEY (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED 31-12-2015 2016-08-27 Dormant Company Accounts - VESTEY (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED
CHIEF ROCKA LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 CHIEF_ROCKA_LTD - Accounts
SERVONETIC CONTROL INSTRUMENTS LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 Accounts Submission
SA GLOBAL PROJECT CONSULTING LTD 31-03-2016 2016-08-27 SA Global Project Consulting Ltd - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
BAKE 'N' BUN LTD 30-06-2016 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - BAKE 'N' BUN LTD
PETER CRAIG BUILDING SERVICES LIMITED 31-03-2016 2016-08-27 Peter Craig Building Services Limited - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
TECHSOUND LIMITED 31-08-2015 2016-08-27 Techsound Limited - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
ASHFIELD ALLIED LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 Ashfield Allied Limited - Abbreviated accounts 16.1
UPHAUS-LONDON LIMITED 31-12-2015 2016-08-27 Accounts filed on 31-12-2015
KIER TECH LIMITED 31-05-2016 2016-08-27 Accounts filed on 31-05-2016
MAL CONSULTING SOUTH WEST LTD 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 MAL Consulting South West Limited - Period Ending 2015-11-30
N HOLDEN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 Abbreviated Company Accounts - N HOLDEN CONSTRUCTION LIMITED
NRG FIRST LTD. 30-11-2015 2016-08-27 NRG First Ltd. - Abbreviated accounts 16.1

Recently Added Company Officers

Name Occupation Address No of Appointments
MR IAIN JAMES FRASER O'DAIR Recruitment Director Bristol, United Kingdom 2
MR NEIL PERKINS Recruitment Bristol, United Kingdom 1
MR DARREN JOHN RYEMILL Recruitment Bristol, United Kingdom 3
MR GIOVANNI MARTINELLI Manager Milano, Italy 1
LEE PATRICIA CROFT Carer Finchley, England 1
MR PETER RAYMOND MARTIN JONES Company Director Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom 1
MS LEONORA SCOTT Director London, United Kingdom 2
MR MICHAEL JAMES SCOTT Director London, United Kingdom 1
MISS ROSA AVINO Director Wallingford, United Kingdom 1
MRS DELIA DE ROSAS Cashier Bromsgrove, United Kingdom 1
MR AVINASH DUBEY Consultant Reading, England 1
MR PRADEEP NANDA Company Director Ludhiana, India 1
KULRAJ BHACHU Product Support Director London, United Kingdom 1
MR VALDAS RADZEVICIUS Director Dagenham, England 2
MR ANGEL BLAGOEV Manager Manchester, England 1
MR NANDAGOBAN SELLADURAI It Engineer London, United Kingdom 1
MRS XUE HAN Manger London, England 1
MR JEREMY DELA Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Birmingham, England 1
MR GLYN MARK DAVIES Heating Engineer Swansea, United Kingdom 2
MR DANNY MALCOLMSON Fireman Doncaster, England 1
MRS LOUISE HELEN MALCOLMSON Teacher Doncaster, England 1
MRS MARY GARRITY Director Aviemore, Scotland 1
MISS OYINKASOLA MOBOLANLE OLUKOYA Business Owner Erith, United Kingdom 1
MR ISAK BOSMAN Director London, United Kingdom 2
KIRSTY BOSMAN Cmo Glasgow, United Kingdom 1
MISS BIANCA BLADES-MEE Company Director London, England 1
MR DAVID ROBERT ADAMS Commodity Trader Abingdon, United Kingdom 1
MRS VICTORIA JANE ADAMS Personal Assistant Abingdon, United Kingdom 1
MR AMIER ABBAS It Business Consultant Kidderminster, England 1
MR DANIEL JAMES CRISS Software Engineer Worthing, England 1