Accounts filed on 31-05-2014

trueAl Madina Halal Butcher Ltd085502882014-05-318858872887887-13591018088216500232122462246Basis of accounting The financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention, and in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (effective April 2008). Turnover The turnover shown in the profit and loss account represents amounts invoiced during the year. Stocks Stocks are valued at the lower of cost and net realisable value, after making due allowance for obsolete and slow moving items. Operating lease agreements Rentals applicable to operating leases where substantially all of the benefits and risks of ownership remain with the lessor are charged against profits on a straight line basis over the period of the lease. Fixed Assets All fixed assets are initially recorded at cost. Financial Instruments Financial liabilities and equity instruments are classified according to the substance of the contractual arrangements entered into. An equity instrument is any contract that evidences a residual interest in the assets of the entity after deducting all of its financial liabilities.Fixtures & FittingsOn reducind balance0.1500EquipmentOn reducind balance0.25003000300075475430003000754754Ordinary1000110000Ordinary122Ordinary12222015-02-26Mr Md A Bashertruetruetruetruexbrli:sharesiso4217:GBPxbrli:pureAl Madina Halal Butcher Ltd2013-05-302014-05-31Al Madina Halal Butcher Ltd2012-06-012013-05-29Al Madina Halal Butcher Ltd2012-05-31Al Madina Halal Butcher Ltd2013-05-29Al Madina Halal Butcher Ltd2013-05-29Al Madina Halal Butcher Ltd2014-05-31 2015-02-26