Accounts filed on 31-03-2016

trueSilver Fox Properties Limited034196292016-03-3190205174783512326721078456760276023230193230191232672107845612326721078456432208275234644751198854966833951194394273273925725667727800464803222800464803222Basis of accounting The financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention, and in accordance with applicable UK accounting standards. Cash flow statement The directors have taken advantage of the exemption in Financial Reporting Standard No 1 (Revised 1996) from including a cash flow statement in the financial statements on the grounds that the company is small. Turnover The turnover shown in the profit and loss account represents amounts invoiced during the year. Fixed Assets All fixed assets are initially recorded at cost. Fixtures & FittingsMethod for Fixtures & fittings0.00008461048461044564042882275884610484610445640428822758Ordinary5000001500000500000Ordinary17602760276022016-10-06Mr L R MasonIndependent Management IncDirectortruetruetruetruexbrli:sharesiso4217:GBPxbrli:pureSilver Fox Properties Limited2015-04-012016-03-31Silver Fox Properties Limited2014-04-012015-03-31Silver Fox Properties Limited2014-03-31Silver Fox Properties Limited2015-03-31Silver Fox Properties Limited2015-03-31Silver Fox Properties Limited2016-03-312016-10-11