RHODO CONSULTANTS LTD is a Private Limited Company from LONDON and has the status: Dissolved - no longer trading.
RHODO CONSULTANTS LTD was incorporated 6 years ago on 05/09/2012 and has the registered number: 08202186.


This company is listed in the following categories:
71122 - Engineering related scientific and technical consulting activities

Accounts Status

Accounting Year End (d/m) Accounts Last Made Up Date Accounts Next Due Date
30 / 9 30/09/2017

Registered Office


This Company Originates in : United Kingdom

Returns Status

Return - Last Made Up Date Return - Next Due Date


Company Officers - Current and Previous

Name Born Nationality Role Appointed Status
DR SRITHAR RAJOO Jul 1975 Malaysian Director 2012-09-05 CURRENT
DR ALESSANDRO ROMAGNOLI Apr 1978 Italian Director 2012-09-05 CURRENT

Persons with Significant Control

Name Active from Born Address Level of control
Dr Srithar Rajoo 2016-09-05 7/1975 Johor Bahru   Malaysia Ownership of shares 25 to 50 percent
Dr Alessandro Romagnoli 2016-09-05 4/1978 London   Ownership of shares 25 to 50 percent

Free Reports Available

Report Date Filed Date of Report Assets
RHODO CONSULTANTS LTD - Filleted accounts 2018-06-12 30-09-2017 £705 equity
RHODO CONSULTANTS LTD - Filleted accounts 2017-06-30 30-09-2016 £-251 equity
RHODO CONSULTANTS LTD - Abbreviated accounts 2016-06-30 30-09-2015 £2,949 Cash
RHODO CONSULTANTS LTD - Abbreviated accounts 2015-07-01 30-09-2014 £11,825 Cash

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