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Registered Number : 07278667
England and Wales





Unaudited Financial Statements

Period of accounts

Start date: 01 June 2017

End date: 31 May 2018
Director Christopher Jewell
Registered Number 07278667
Registered Office Shelley Farm Shelley Lane
Ower Romsey
SO51 6AS
Accountants JSR Management & HR Consultancy Services Ltd
1 The Bridgeway
Portsmouth Road, Woolston
SO19 7PE
The director presents his report and accounts for the year ended 31 May 2018.
Principal activities
Principal activity of the company during the financial year was of Land Design and Maintenance
The director who served the company throughout the year was as follows:
Christopher Jewell

Statement of director's responsibilities
The director is responsible for preparing the financial statements in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

Company law requires the director to prepare financial statements for each financial year. Under that law the director has elected to prepare the financial statements in accordance with United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (Financial Reporting Standard 102 and applicable law). The financial statements are required by law to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company and of the profit or loss of the company for that period. In preparing these financial statements, the director is required to:

- select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently;
- make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent;
- state whether applicable UK Accounting Standards have been followed, subject to any material departures disclosed and explained in the financial statements;
- prepare the financial statements on the going concern basis unless it is inappropriate to presume that the company will continue in business.

The director is responsible for keeping proper accounting records that disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of the company and enable him to ensure that the financial statements comply with the Companies Act 2006. The director is also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the company and hence for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities.

Signed on behalf of the board

Christopher Jewell

Date approved: 17 November 2018
As described in the Statement of Financial Position you are responsible for the preparation of the financial statements for the year ended 31 May 2018 and you consider that the company is exempt from an audit under the Companies Act 2006. In accordance with your instructions, we have compiled these unaudited financial statements in order to assist you to fulfil your statutory responsibilities, from the accounting records and information and explanations supplied to us.

On the balance sheet you have acknowledged your duties under the prevailing Companies Act to ensure that the company keeps adequate accounting records and prepares financial statements that give a 'true and fair view'. You confirm that you have made all accounting records/information available to us in order for us to complete our work.

The financial statements are provided exclusively to the Director(s) for the limited purposes mentioned above and may not be used or relied upon for any other purpose or by any other person, and we shall not be liable for any other usage and reliance. We do not express any opinion on the financial statements.

JSR Management & HR Consultancy Services Ltd
1 The Bridgeway
Portsmouth Road, Woolston
SO19 7PE
17 November 2018
  2018   2017
    £ £   £ £
Called up share capital not paid   100      100 
Fixed assets   1,783      2,077 
Current assets 2,321      12,543   
Prepayments and accrued income 7,919      100   
Creditors: amount falling due within one year (6,157)     (9,043)  
Net current assets   4,082      3,600 
Total assets less current liabilities   5,965      5,777 
Accruals and deferred income   (470)     (550)
Net assets   5,495      5,227 

Capital and reserves   5,495      5,227 

  1. For the year ended 31 May 2018 the company was entitled to exemption from audit under section 477 of the Companies Act 2006 relating to small companies.
  2. The members have not required the company to obtain an audit of its accounts for the year in question in accordance with section 476
  3. The directors acknowledge their responsibilities for complying with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 with respect to accounting records and the preparation of accounts
These accounts have been prepared in accordance with the micro-entity provisions and delivered in accordance with the provisions applicable to companies subject to the small companies regime
Signed on behalf of the board of directors

Christopher Jewell

Date approved by the board: 17 November 2018