SHAUN GREGORY is a Company Director from Sheffield. This person was born in October 1968, which was over 51 years ago. SHAUN GREGORY is British and resident in United Kingdom. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 13 company roles.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to KISS FM RADIO LIMITED on 2005-08-26, from which they resigned on 2006-03-03.


2a Brincliffe Crescent
S11 9AW


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
KISS FM RADIO LIMITED Active Director 2005-08-26 until 2006-03-03 RESIGNED
MAGIC 105.4 LIMITED Active Director 2005-05-12 until 2006-03-03 RESIGNED
BAUER RADIO LIMITED Active Director 2005-04-21 until 2006-03-03 RESIGNED
UK DIGITAL RADIO LIMITED Active Director 2004-03-09 until 2005-03-30 RESIGNED
EG DIGITAL LIMITED. Active Director 2002-10-16 until 2006-02-21 RESIGNED
SWITCHDIGITAL (B&H) LIMITED Active Director 2002-05-10 until 2006-11-01 RESIGNED
SWITCHDIGITAL (S&S) LIMITED Active Director 2002-04-15 until 2006-11-01 RESIGNED
UK DIGITAL RADIO LIMITED Active Director 2001-05-01 until 2001-12-19 RESIGNED
BAUER DIGITAL RADIO LIMITED Active Director 2000-03-01 until 2006-03-03 RESIGNED
C. E. DIGITAL LIMITED Active Director 2000-03-01 until 2005-02-10 RESIGNED
GALAXY RADIO SCOTLAND LIMITED Active Director 1999-04-30 until 2000-07-07 RESIGNED
RADIO HALLAM LIMITED Active Director 1997-10-06 until 2001-06-11 RESIGNED
RADIO AIRE LIMITED Active Director 1996-07-01 until 1997-10-06 RESIGNED

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Nearby People

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