RHYS BENNETT is a Consultant from Northampton. This person was born in August 1991, which was over 29 years ago. RHYS BENNETT is British and resident in United Kingdom. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 36 company roles.
Companies associated with this officer had at least £2,070 shareholder value in recent accounts.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to INVESTABOT LTD on 2019-06-13, from which they resigned on 2019-07-23.


Unit 11a, Bondfield Avenue


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
INVESTABOT LTD Active Director 2019-06-13 until 2019-07-23 RESIGNED
CLEARDISHES LTD Active Director 2019-05-30 until 2019-07-09 RESIGNED
ATTRACTDESIGN LTD Active Director 2019-05-16 until 2019-06-24 RESIGNED
CODING BUBBLE LTD Active - Proposal to Strike off Director 2019-05-02 until 2019-06-11 RESIGNED
ASPIRALH LTD Active Director 2019-04-17 until 2019-05-22 RESIGNED
ARIALSTRAIGHT LTD Active Director 2019-04-03 until 2019-04-23 RESIGNED
DODEXA LTD Active Director 2019-03-21 until 2019-10-22 RESIGNED
WAVESCOAST LTD Active Director 2019-03-15 until 2019-03-26 RESIGNED
WAVESBLASTAR LTD Active Director 2019-03-11 until 2019-03-21 RESIGNED
WAVELANCE LTD Active Director 2019-03-06 until 2019-03-21 RESIGNED
WAVECRIMSON LTD Active Director 2019-03-01 until 2019-03-06 RESIGNED
WATERBENTHOS LTD Active Director 2019-02-25 until 2019-03-05 RESIGNED
REALMSCHOLARS LTD Active Director 2019-02-20 until 2019-02-24 RESIGNED
RAZDEEM LTD Active Director 2019-02-15 until 2019-03-03 RESIGNED
RAYLATRUTH LTD Active Director 2019-02-12 until 2019-02-25 RESIGNED
RAVENCRONE LTD Active - Proposal to Strike off Director 2019-02-08 until 2019-02-13 RESIGNED
RATHALL LTD Active Director 2019-02-05 until 2019-02-19 RESIGNED
RASHOMONTH LTD Active Director 2019-02-01 until 2019-02-17 RESIGNED
DOZZERM LTD Active Director 2019-01-28 until 2019-01-31 RESIGNED
DIVINERIPTIDE LTD Active Director 2019-01-23 until 2019-01-29 RESIGNED
DEWWALKER LTD Active Director 2019-01-18 until 2019-05-31 RESIGNED
DENKIRADIUS LTD Active Director 2019-01-15 until 2019-01-20 RESIGNED
DEMIOSGEIST LTD Active Director 2019-01-10 until 2019-01-26 RESIGNED
DEMERIAN LTD Active Director 2019-01-04 until 2019-01-20 RESIGNED
CALIMERIO LTD Active Director 2018-12-17 until 2019-01-01 RESIGNED £130 equity
CALASHADIR LTD Active - Proposal to Strike off Director 2018-12-10 until 2018-12-17 RESIGNED
CADYLOR LTD Active Director 2018-12-04 until 2018-12-10 RESIGNED £8 equity
BYPHASSO LTD Active Director 2018-11-27 until 2018-12-05 RESIGNED £478 equity
BYNORSCOPE LTD Active Director 2018-11-21 until 2018-11-28 RESIGNED £233 equity
BUTTEREDGOLD LTD Active Director 2018-11-16 until 2018-11-22 RESIGNED £285 equity
ARYNAGHIL LTD Active Director 2018-10-30 until 2018-11-12 RESIGNED £12 equity
ARGUSAA LTD Active Director 2018-10-24 until 2018-10-30 RESIGNED £33 equity
ANAMODRON LTD Active Director 2018-10-15 until 2018-11-25 RESIGNED £20 equity
AMPHISARI LTD Active Director 2018-10-10 until 2018-10-23 RESIGNED £629 equity
AIVANAROTH LTD Active - Proposal to Strike off Director 2018-10-03 until 2018-10-15 RESIGNED £50 equity
ADHINTON LTD Active Director 2018-09-26 until 2018-10-07 RESIGNED £192 equity

Companies Controlled

Company Active from Level of control
DODEXA LTD 2019-03-21 Ownership of shares 75 to 100 percent

Related People

Name Occupation Address No of Appointments
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MRS GINNA PETIL Director Aylesbury 1
MRS MARIBETH FERNANDEZ Director Elland, United Kingdom 1
MS ANABEL AMACIO Director Rhyl, United Kingdom 1
MRS ANNE LAUDIANGCO Director Wellingborough, England 1
MS JENNIFER UBALDE Director Eastbourne, United Kingdom 1
MS LORNA FLORES Director Kidderminster 1

Nearby People

Name Occupation Address No of Appointments
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AMANDA BILLS Consultant Northampton 6
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KARL EVANS Sales Office Assistant Northampton, United Kingdom 18
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