ROBIN TOMLIN is a Director from Bury St. Edmunds. This person was born in July 1944, which was over 76 years ago. ROBIN TOMLIN is British and resident in England. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 6 company roles.
Companies associated with this officer had at least £1,353,479 shareholder value and £4,050 cash in recent accounts.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to 3D HD LIMITED on 2010-02-05.


Eldo House, Kempson Way
Bury St. Edmunds
IP32 7AR
United Kingdom


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
3D HD LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Director 2010-02-05 CURRENT
R & A TOMLIN LIMITED Active Director 2004-01-19 until 2019-04-19 RESIGNED £4,050 cash, £-138,521 equity
MOBILE SPORT LIMITED Active Director 1999-01-04 until 2000-01-25 RESIGNED
VAH SUBCO LIMITED Active Director RESIGNED £1,492,000 equity

Companies Controlled

Company Active from Level of control
R & A TOMLIN LIMITED 2016-04-06 Ownership of shares 25 to 50 percent
Voting rights 25 to 50 percent

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