ROBERT LEWIS EVERIST is a Company Director from Mansfield Woodhouse Nottinghamshire. This person was born in November 1952, which was over 67 years ago. ROBERT LEWIS EVERIST is British and resident in United Kingdom. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 7 company roles.
Companies associated with this officer had at least £4,535,115 shareholder value and £3,895,122 cash in recent accounts.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to CHILDCARE (EAST MIDLANDS) LLP on 2011-06-21.


Cherubs Childcare Centre, Welbeck Road
Mansfield Woodhouse
NG19 6QA
United Kingdom


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
CHILDCARE (EAST MIDLANDS) LLP Active Llp Designated Member 2011-06-21 CURRENT £3,177,931 cash
NOTTS GOLF CLUB LIMITED(THE) Active Director 2007-04-23 until 2011-04-14 RESIGNED £472,909 cash
FS REC LIMITED Active - Proposal to Strike off Secretary 2006-05-08 until 2017-01-17 RESIGNED £24,944 cash, £72,418 equity
CHERUBS DAY NURSERIES LIMITED Active Director 2003-02-13 until 2003-02-13 RESIGNED £1 cash, £1 equity
CHERUBS LIMITED Active Director 2003-02-12 until 2003-02-12 RESIGNED £1 cash, £1 equity
CHILDCARE & EDUCATION LIMITED Active Director 2001-09-20 CURRENT £12 cash, £3,958,079 equity
PLASTIMET LIMITED Active Director 2000-12-15 CURRENT £219,324 cash, £504,616 equity

Companies Controlled

Company Active from Level of control
CHILDCARE (EAST MIDLANDS) LLP 2016-04-06 Voting rights 25 to 50 percent limited liability partnership
Right to share surplus assets 25 to 50 percent limited liability partnership
Right to appoint and remove members limited liability partnership

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