MR JOHN JENKINS is a company officer from Stevenage Hertfordshire. This person was born in February 1949, which was over 70 years ago. MR JOHN JENKINS is British and resident in United Kingdom. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 40 company roles.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to SMARTYS DAY NURSERY (HITCHIN) LTD on 2016-10-07, from which they resigned on 2016-10-07.


8 Greydells Road


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets in latest accounts
SMARTYS DAY NURSERY (HITCHIN) LTD Active Director 2016-10-07 UNTIL 2016-10-07 RESIGNED £30,851 cash, £9,018 equity
SNAK APPEAL LTD Active Secretary 2008-03-31 UNTIL 2011-03-20 RESIGNED £188,557 cash, £531,921 equity
J. K. RAIL LIMITED Active Secretary 2006-11-27 UNTIL 2010-11-27 RESIGNED
N.R. SPRAYING LIMITED Active Secretary 2006-10-03 UNTIL 2012-10-03 RESIGNED £1,278 equity
T.S. BUILDERS (NORTH HERTS) LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Secretary 2006-09-28 UNTIL 2012-09-28 RESIGNED
N-A CARPENTRY & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE LIMITED Active Secretary 2006-07-01 UNTIL 2011-06-20 RESIGNED £158,499 cash, £148,523 equity
OHC CONTRACTS LIMITED Active Secretary 2006-05-10 UNTIL 2011-02-20 RESIGNED
GEMINI TRADING (HARPENDEN) LIMITED Active Secretary 2006-02-22 UNTIL 2011-02-22 RESIGNED £11,902 equity
TWENTY SN LIMITED Active Secretary 2006-02-21 UNTIL 2013-02-21 RESIGNED £4,807 cash, £3,869 equity
J.P. MAINTENANCE (STEVENAGE) LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Secretary 2005-07-20 UNTIL 2011-07-20 RESIGNED £26 cash, £172 equity
AJN MAINTENANCE LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading or on registry Secretary 2005-06-14 UNTIL 2012-06-14 RESIGNED
ALAN HINGSTON ROOFING LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading or on registry Secretary 2005-06-14 UNTIL 2013-06-06 RESIGNED
C. R. DAVIES BRICKWORK LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Secretary 2004-10-26 CURRENT £3 cash
FOXWORTHY ASSOCIATES LIMITED Active Secretary 2004-07-19 UNTIL 2012-07-19 RESIGNED £16,472 cash, £18,730 equity
N.R. DECORATING LIMITED Active Secretary 2004-02-04 UNTIL 2016-02-04 RESIGNED £118,413 cash, £219,398 equity
P & B. WALSH DECORATORS LIMITED Active Secretary 2003-10-27 UNTIL 2011-10-23 RESIGNED £19,225 cash, £183,635 equity
R.H. LOGISTICS LIMITED Active Secretary 2003-10-27 UNTIL 2006-05-01 RESIGNED £395,279 cash, £1,083,984 equity
J E S ADMINISTRATION LTD Active Secretary 2003-03-14 UNTIL 2004-08-23 RESIGNED £224,783 cash, £124,226 equity
PRIORITY HEATING LIMITED Active Secretary 2003-01-23 UNTIL 2012-10-29 RESIGNED £29,313 cash, £25,231 equity
DIAMOND PRINT (STEVENAGE) LIMITED Active Secretary 2003-01-21 UNTIL 2009-01-21 RESIGNED £30,230 cash, £4,604 equity
SADLERS ESTATE & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS LTD Active Secretary 2002-12-31 UNTIL 2008-12-12 RESIGNED £446,890 cash, £323,418 equity
A C S (2000) LIMITED Active Secretary 2000-06-06 UNTIL 2005-04-26 RESIGNED £570 cash, £169,494 equity
L.B. THOMSON DECORATORS LTD. Dissolved - no longer trading or on registry Secretary 1998-04-09 UNTIL 2009-10-01 RESIGNED
SCAFF-HIRE SERVICES LTD. Active Secretary 1998-04-09 UNTIL 2013-07-03 RESIGNED £78,244 cash, £89,887 equity
R. M. TECHNICAL INSTALLATIONS LIMITED Active Secretary 1997-10-31 UNTIL 2013-10-31 RESIGNED £22,982 cash, £16,448 equity
HINGSTON ROOFING LIMITED Active Secretary 1997-05-30 UNTIL 2015-01-07 RESIGNED £8,725 cash, £17,818 equity
STEVE HERRING BUILDING SERVICES LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Secretary 1997-05-14 UNTIL 2011-05-14 RESIGNED
MARK CLEVERDON DECORATORS LIMITED Active Secretary 1997-04-18 UNTIL 2012-04-18 RESIGNED £482 cash, £1,851 equity
MARK FERGUSON DECORATORS LIMITED Active Secretary 1997-04-10 UNTIL 2012-04-10 RESIGNED £190 cash, £1,279 equity
SCHELCOM LTD. Active Secretary 1995-10-17 UNTIL 2015-10-14 RESIGNED £5 cash, £-10,796 equity

Companies Controlled

Company Active from Level of control
SMARTYS DAY NURSERY (HITCHIN) LTD 2016-10-07 Right to appoint and remove directors as trust
Significant influence or control
Significant influence or control as trust

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