DEBORAH ERICA ELLIOT is a None from Roslin Midlothian. This person was born in June 1966, which was over 55 years ago. DEBORAH ERICA ELLIOT is British and resident in Scotland. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 2 company roles.
Companies associated with this officer had at least £681,483 shareholder value and £488,055 cash in recent accounts.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to NETWORK ROI LTD on 2014-04-01, from which they resigned on 2018-01-24.


1st Floor, Stobo House
EH25 9RE


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
NETWORK ROI LTD Active Director 2014-04-01 until 2018-01-24 RESIGNED £484,181 cash, £394,119 equity
SPACE ROI LLP Active Llp Designated Member 2008-04-01 CURRENT £3,874 cash, £287,364 equity

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