HILLS JARRETT LLP is a company officer from Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 15 company roles.
Companies associated with this officer had at least £926,484 shareholder value and £52,630 cash in recent accounts.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to WEIG-KARTON UK LIMITED on 2009-01-01, from which they resigned on 2009-12-31.


Gainsborough House
Sheering Lower Road
CM21 9RG


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
WEIG-KARTON UK LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2009-01-01 until 2009-12-31 RESIGNED £10,619 cash, £11,029 equity
GAINSBOROUGH EVENTS MANAGEMENT LTD Active Corporate Secretary 2008-02-08 until 2019-04-29 RESIGNED £3,386 cash, £842,370 equity
ESSEX FLAT ROOFING LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2007-11-16 until 2014-05-01 RESIGNED £44,216 equity
LEWIS CONQUER CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2007-10-29 until 2014-09-30 RESIGNED £4,611 cash, £3,357 equity
STEED CONSULTING LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2007-10-19 until 2014-10-30 RESIGNED £457 equity
THE CHOP IN SHOP LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2007-09-27 until 2014-10-10 RESIGNED £9,474 equity
ANTELOPE ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2007-03-01 until 2010-05-01 RESIGNED £29,080 cash, £8,568 equity
COUNTRY LAND LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2006-12-19 until 2007-01-30 RESIGNED
JSM ESSEX LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Corporate Secretary 2006-03-28 until 2007-03-31 RESIGNED £1,532 cash, £154 equity
QUAERO CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Corporate Secretary 2006-03-22 until 2015-03-18 RESIGNED £6,369 equity
BEDDINGTON INVESTMENTS LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2005-11-04 until 2019-04-29 RESIGNED £1 equity
GAINSBOROUGH UK MANAGEMENT LTD Dissolved - no longer trading or on registry Corporate Secretary 2005-09-09 CURRENT
FANSHAW PRODUCTIONS LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2004-12-23 until 2010-05-01 RESIGNED £3,402 cash, £489 equity
L D LAW LIMITED Active Corporate Secretary 2004-11-23 until 2005-02-10 RESIGNED
ZILLI FISH LIMITED Dissolved - no longer trading Corporate Secretary 2004-08-26 CURRENT

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Name Occupation Address No of Appointments
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GISELA MARIA EVERT Consultant Windsor 4
MR GEOFFREY WILLIAM JARRETT Director Sawbridgeworth, United Kingdom 14
WESTLEY BERRY Managing Director Witham 1
MR LEWIS CONQUER Company Director Chelmsford, England 3
ESTHER JANE HALL Actress Bishop's Stortford, England 1
KEVIN JOHN BIRD Security Braintree, England 1
MRS ANN JEANETTE HUGGETT Managing Director Bishops Stortford 13
AIDEN JAMES MCNAMEE Security Services Harlow 3
SUSAN MORAN Director Chelmsford, England 1
MARIE-FRANCE JOSEPH Legal Adviser Romford, United Kingdom 2
RICHARD WEAVER Recruitment London, United Kingdom 2
MR PAUL FOSTER Director Sawbridgeworth, England 11
HOWARD STEED Sales Cambridge, England 1
JANICE STEED Sales Director Cambridge, England 2
GRAHAM KEAREY Hairdresser Harlow 1
MR ALDO ZILLI Director Redhill, England 5
SIMON PENTOL Lawyer London 5

Nearby People

Name Occupation Address No of Appointments
MR MALCOLM REGINALD GABB Director Sawbridgeworth 4
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MR PETER ARSTALL Director Sawbridgeworth, England 1
MR. WILLIAM VINT Managing Director Sawbridgeworth, England 1
MR IAN EDWARD BOXALL Director Sawbridgeworth, United Kingdom 7
MS ANNE ETHELWYN TOOTH Sawbridgeworth, England 1
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