MRS NERMEN HABA is a Manager from London. This person was born in March 1975, which was over 49 years ago. MRS NERMEN HABA is British and resident in United Kingdom. This company officer is, or was, associated with at least 8 company roles.
Companies associated with this officer had at least £20,882 shareholder value in recent accounts.
Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to UNION PORTAGE LTD on 2021-03-26.


Office 9, Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue
SW19 2RR
United Kingdom


Company Appointments - Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets
UNION PORTAGE LTD Dissolved - no longer trading Director 2021-03-26 CURRENT
VALEBEST LIMITED Active Director 2020-04-16 CURRENT £2 equity
THE HACKNEY STUDIO LTD Active Director 2014-07-28 until 2016-07-31 RESIGNED £20,872 equity
ARDGEITH LTD Active Director 2012-07-05 until 2018-04-16 RESIGNED £2 equity
1ST UK TRAINING CENTER LTD Dissolved - no longer trading or on registry Director 2012-03-27 CURRENT
ALMANZEL LIMITED Active Director 2009-08-28 CURRENT £2 equity
AC BATTERSEA LIMITED Active Director 2009-08-28 until 2018-04-09 RESIGNED £2 equity
VIWEPARKROAD LTD Active Director 2008-07-21 until 2018-04-12 RESIGNED £2 equity

Companies Controlled

Company Active from Level of control
UNION PORTAGE LTD 2021-03-26 Ownership of shares 75 to 100 percent
Voting rights 75 to 100 percent
Right to appoint and remove directors

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